Richard Waterworth

Hi, I’m Richard!

I like making videos and taking photos. I’m currently a photography co-ordinator and work on freelance and personal side projects.

I graduated with First Class honours in Creative Media (BA Hons) and have built my knowledge and experience with professional tools and practices in the creative industry on video and photography projects.

I am available for freelance work and run a technology blog and YouTube channel. See some of my selected work below or my reel here.

Technology blog and YouTube channel covering how-to’s and reviews. Over 4.5 million video views and 5,000 monthly site visits.

Creative digital media production and creative services at reasonable rates to elevate you and your business, visit Visual Aesthetic for more information.

Photography has been a long-term passion of mine, I regularly share the landscapes I capture, among other things, on Instagram.

A video advertisement and static assets to advertise giffgaff’s phone recycling service to new and existing giffgaff members.

A short video advertisement that employs video post-production techniques to make an engaging and immersive piece.

An immersive 360° video utilising visual effects to highlight a proposed redesign for the Digital Arts Centre at the University of Worcester.