Arrested Development Kinetic Typography

A motion-graphic kinetic typography piece created as part of one of my university modules, based on a scene from the TV show Arrested Development.

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When it came to creating the kinetic typography piece in After Effects, the Arrested Development quote was approached in chunks or scenes. Typing and animating each scene one by one, rather than typing out the entire quote and then going back and animating each section. This allowed the project file to remain tidy and organised – which ensures for a better workflow as a specific scene or asset can be easily located within the project.

Adobe Illustrator was used to add visual imagery to support the typography of the piece. Illustrator allowed for the creation of vector-based imagery; this had the advantage of being infinitely scalable as the image is drawn using mathematical equations.

Vocal recordings were compiled together using Adobe Audition and arranged in a multi-track project that could then be exported and used in Adobe After Effects. By recording the two characters separately, the best recordings could be selected and arranged to suit the timing of the kinetic typography.