Connecting Rural Communities

A photographic series exploring how infrastructure can create sustainable, connected, and better livelihoods for rural communities.

Public Footpaths

The series of photographs explores how infrastructure, however small or large, is being used to build a better future for those living in rural communities to create more sustainable, connected, and better livelihoods.

From living in the countryside, the personal experience of receiving better communications infrastructure so fibreoptic internet can be installed or seeing the installation of a sheltered bus stop so those that do not have their own vehicle to travel to nearby towns can wait safely outside from the rain can be a substantial improvement to keep us both virtually and physically connected with one-another — these are just two examples of several that are explored within the series.

Editing has been done to the photos to provide a warm visual style, incorporating warm colour tones of orange and yellow as they have positive connotations within colour psychology that can assist in communicating the message of building a better future and showing that the photographs are providing a positive message. Additional editing has focused on ensuring that there is detail within both the shadows and highlights of an image, allowing the rural sky and land to be rich with detail.