Creative Crunch Branding and Identity

A digital magazine for the Creative Media (BA Hons) course at the University of Worcester.

The creation of Creative Crunch, an online digital magazine for the Creative Media course at the University of Worcester, was a class project, comprising of different teams which focused on specific areas. I worked within the branding and identity team.

Creative Crunch

The conceptualisation stage is when the team ideas came together to create finalised versions of our ideas. The logo, based on our initial ideas, was revised in Adobe Illustrator, and combines our different ideas. Adjustments to the kerning were made to increase the spacing of the lettering, to ensure that the logo is more accessible and legible at a smaller size.

Polling was used to receive feedback on colour options, the results guided our team decision. A turquoise colour was chosen, the colour brings in parts from blue and green to offer a calming feeling but can also be rejuvenating.

Creative Crunch Homepage

The brand identity was implemented into the theme using the WordPress theme customizer and CSS. CSS allowed for changing the colour of specific areas such as the navigation bar, which was not supported by the customizer. Doing this ensured the digital magazine had a robust appearance of its brand identity, so it would be recognisable.

Style Guidelines were written, utilising SEO, for other teams to follow to maintain the brand identity throughout the digital magazine.