Digital Arts Centre 360°

An immersive 360° video to showcase a proposed redesign for the Digital Arts Centre at the University of Worcester.

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The design featured in the video was created as part of the DRPG live brief group project, the upstairs area was an innovative design created solely by me for this specific project. Some of the digital assets needed to be adjusted to suit the After Effects composition using Photoshop, doing this allowed for all the positioning work to be done in After Effects.

A GoPro Fusion was used to capture the footage as it has two 180° lenses on each side that allow for a 360° capture. After Effects was used as it has more powerful compositing tools and functionality for placing the digital assets within the compositing environment.

Positioning was not only the only crucial factor; it was also important to ensure that the colours and brightness of the assets matched their environment. Adjustments to saturation and brightness were made, as well as experimentation with different blending modes and techniques. All these factors working together enhanced the appearance of the digital assets, making them look more realistic and increasing the immersion for the viewer.

Some additions are more subtle than the bright walls and vibrant colours seen elsewhere in the design. For example, all the displays on the iMacs have been superimposed digitally to display the same desktop, giving them a uniform appearance.

The removal of distracting areas was a large focus for the upstairs. Loose cables around the printer and desk area were digitally removed using the clone stamp tool, this makes the environment look tidier and reduces the risk of distraction.