giffgaff Recycle: Check Your Drawer

A video advertisement and static assets to advertise giffgaff’s phone recycling service to new and existing giffgaff members.

The ‘Check Your Drawer’ message that drove the brief idea had been observed within several news articles, showing that it is a relatable concept for a variety of audiences – this concept had also been noted in a journal article that explored Liverpudlian attitudes to electronic waste.

To aid production, communication with giffgaff’s branding team was conducted to ensure the recycling journey was correctly displayed by obtaining an image of the packaging, which was plain, this allowed for branded packaging which had been designed during storyboarding to be discarded and plain packaging to be used in the final deliverables. Sound design, including a voiceover and sound effects, are featured alongside the visuals of the TV ad-spot, this use of audio ensures that the visuals will be interpreted and understood correctly by the viewer, guaranteeing the message of the ad will not risk being lost.

The completed visuals of the TV ad-spot heavily influenced the Instagram Story and Digital Display banners, which were also required within the brief and designed to resolutions identified by HubSpot, a reputable source for marketing information, and Clear Channel, a billboard advertising company. Visual consistency across all mediums ensures that the digital display banners, Instagram Stories and TV ad-spot all appear as part of the same campaign.