Mr. Robot Title Sequence

A title sequence for Mr. Robot created as part of one of my university modules, using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator.

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Applying techniques seen in Monsters, Inc.’s title sequence of analogue and digital working together, the introduction of the Mr. Robot title sequence combined live-action footage and digitally tracked and overlaid graphics onto a monitor. This brought the benefits of a realistic-looking environment for enhanced immersion and the advantages that digital assets bring such as being able to quickly edit an asset and have that change reflected without the need to spend time re-shooting.

The soundtrack used for the title sequence was selected from the official Mr. Robot soundtrack after a process of narrowing down a selection and listening of tracks. The ‘1.4_2-impenetrable.sd2’ track duration was reduced from 2:23 to 0:35, so it met the duration requirements outlined to meet the brief.

Distortion effects supported visual glitches to portray the dissociative personality disorder that the lead character, Elliot Alderson, has within the show. These glitches portray his alternate personalities within the title sequence, without exposing the plot to the viewer, while showing a fight for power over who is in control of the host by having the effect in rapid succession.