Noise Cancelling Headphones Advertisement

A video advertisement to showcase active noise cancelling headphones using visual effects techniques.

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Filming was done in a green screen studio, using appropriate lighting techniques to evenly light the green screen to allow for a better chroma key result. Tracking markers were used in select shots, which permitted motion tracking to take place. Utilising motion tracking creates a more convincing and immersive experience as the environment composited using VFX is reacting to camera movements.

Adobe After Effects was used to apply VFX to the captured footage as it is a powerful compositing tool which features many different tools which can be used to create and apply VFX.

Compositing the foreground with the background was a significant part of the process, a lens blur effect was used on the background footage to create depth of field. The blur was altered depending on whether the shot was a wide or a closeup, this was done to reproduce the effect of telephoto foreshortening that occurs with telephoto lenses.