Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Advertisement

A short video advertisement that employs video-post production techniques to make an engaging and immersive piece.

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Filming was conducted in a range of environments. Foreground footage was filmed in a home green screen environment, utilising projection lighting and LED panel lights to light the foreground and evenly light the green screen so it could be effectively keyed to have a uniform matte. Some side shots were filmed outdoors.

Background footage was captured using a GoPro mounted to a bike, providing accurate views of a forest cycling environment. With footage being captured by a multitude of cameras, colour correction was used to match the colour channels between background and foreground footage, giving a cohesive look across the footage.

Detailed sound design was incorporated as background SFX, accompanying what is happening on-screen to immerse and engage the viewer through multiple sensory avenues. A jingle of the product was incorporated at the end of the piece to incorporate a sound identity touchpoint, viewers of the advertisement will then associate this jingle with the product despite potentially never having used it.

After Effects was used for most of the post-production VFX, including kinetic typography, compositing, motion graphics and dynamic screen replacement elements. Adding virtual camera movements to the foreground footage emulated the effect of being in the forest with the bike, providing a more immersive and engaging viewing experience. Additionally, motion graphics callouts and elements are used to highlight and draw attention towards specific sections.