Worcestershire NHS Maternity Services Website Concept

A website design concept created within a group-task as part of one of my university modules.

The concept is a redesign of the current Maternity Services website, this ensures that current visitors are not alienated by a design change as the content and structure of the site remain similar.

Maternity Services Homepage Concept

The NHS colour identity was used, which reaffirms to the visitor that the website is associated with the NHS. Colour also helps clearly bring attention to certain aspects such as buttons, links and different sections of the webpage.

The colour blue itself is seen as non-threatening and can relax and calm down someone in times of stress, so it is also used and is appropriate for these reasons.

New ways to present information were developed, a tile concept can be used on pages with subsections to reveal information. Appropriate iconography can be used with tiles to give visual clues about the contents.

The visitor can choose to use that or Next buttons at the bottom of pages, allowing the visitor to click through each page, refining the visitor’s journey from beginning to end.